We are pleased to announce our very own Juniors and Masters coach has been crowned the 2019 Victorian Calisthenics coaches Association Coach of the year for divisions Champ Reserve – 7.

Here is why she won the award;

Carly currently coaches the Glenroy Junior and Masters and embodies all aspects of being a remarkable coach. She always creates a calm and encouraging atmosphere in her classes and at competitions. She coaches with a fully inclusive attitude supporting the development of all including male performers, manages with different abilities in her team leading them to be united and successful. Carly freely volunteers her time mentoring coaches through their cadet and level 1 courses and beyond. She has also acted as a true mentor to experienced coaches always acting professionally and respectably whilst providing support. Carly strives to improve her own coaching actively attending many competitions to gain inspiration and has volunteered as a writer, timer and Mc to gain knowledge, experience and understanding across all aspects of the sport. Her passion for calisthenics is continuously demonstrated through her actions as a coach. She’s an exceptional role model for her team and other coaches.

Congratulations on this award Carly. We are very proud.