A Committee of Management runs our club: which consists of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer (the Executive Committee), Coaches, and a Coaching Panel, Section Managers and Costume Coordinators. The committee meets on a six week basis.


We are very excited to be announcing our 2024 Committee!
President – Lyn McKenzie
Vice President – Mackenzie Smith
Secretary – Eloise Spencer
Club administrator – Carly McKenzie
Treasurer – Abby Sangiorgio
Assistant Treasurer- Ruby La Mancusa
Equipment manager – Paula Hessey
Grants Officer – Paula Hessey
Marketing Managers – Carly McKenzie & Eloise Spencer
Grievance officers – Amy Sinclair-Thomson & Lyn McKenzie
Fundraising team – Corina Makdesi, Carly McKenzie and Lyn McKenzie
Coach selection – Paula Hessey, Carole Smith, Tara Papotto
Social Media – Carly McKenzie
Solo competition committee –
Competition Conveynors – Lyn McKenzie / Carly McKenzie
Competition supervisor – Amy Sinclair-Thomson
Treasurer – Ruby La Mancusa
Adjudicator liaison – Paula Hessey & Deb Godsell
Scheduling – Tegan McKenzie
Competition Marketing & sponsorship coordinator – Carly McKenzie