Introducing our Coaches for 2019

Tinies – Amanda Hutton

Sub-Juniors – Amanda Hutton and Grace McConnachie

Juniors – Carly McKenzie

Intermediates – Tegan McKenzie

Seniors – Amy Faudan

Masters – Carly McKenzie, Paula Hessey and Jasmine Biancofiore


And here is our Committee

President – Lara landgren
Vice President – Lyn McKenzie
Secretary – Eloise Spencer
Treasurer – Abby Sangorgio
Club administrator – Carly McKenzie
Assistant treasurer – Ruby La Mancusa
Selection panel – Paula, Nicole, Abby
Fundraising committee – Bec, Jasmine S, Jasmine B, Francis
Equipment manager – Bec Taylor
Costume coordinator – Lyn & Amanda
Marketing – Lara & lyn & Bec
Grevience officer – Amy F, & Nicole C

General committee – Tegan, Grace, Carly, Amy, Amanda, Jasmine B, Francis, Jasmine S, Veronica

We welcome them with open arms! Here is to 2019!